Pepe and Sue’s Biog

Sue Peto

Sue studied for a degree in education and drama at Homerton College Cambridge and then went on to set up, with friends, a travelling theatre company, writing and performing plays in schools. She sent her plays to the BBC and then spent the majority of her career working for the BBC as a script writer and director in children’s television programmes. Sue then went on to combine acting in Fringe theatres with teaching Performing Arts at a sixth form college. On moving to Somerset in 2002 she has written and directed several pieces of community theatre working with local performers and musicians.

Sue has been a mentor of young people since 2011. In writing WHATEVER Sue has combined her passion for mentoring with community theatre and live music.

Pepe Gudiño Resendiz

Pepe studied for an MA in Acting at The National School of Theatre in Mexico City, where he mostly worked in theatre but was also involved in T.V and short films. He then moved to England in 1991, where he began working with theatre companies in the UK.

In 1992, whilst working in Glasgow, he was introduced to Thierry Poquet, the French Director of a large-scale physical theatre Street Company and started working in the company as an Actor in Glasgow and France. Over time he worked closely with Thierry as Co-writer and Director and toured with the company periodically around Europe, including the UK, for the next 11 years.

During this time, Pepe also began to combine his acting career with teaching Performing Arts at various colleges and secondary schools in the UK and continues to do so to this day.

WHATEVER is Pepe’s third production as Director with the Baltonsborough Players in Somerset.