Quotes & Gallery

“Such a compelling piece of theatre, producing something which could bring a better understanding of children in unstable homes, we do hope that it gets a lot of airings in the future, especially in schools where there could be multiple benefits for all those taking part and watching it”

“Wow! What an exciting and “moving” piece of theatre – you certainly had the audience glued to their seats and it obviously provoked a very useful and enlightening debate”

“Just wanted to tell you how very much we enjoyed the play.  It really was a piece of theatre unlike anything I’d seen before and to see it in the intimacy of the Stalls certainly added a reality to the issues”

“ We just wanted to say how much we appreciated all the hard work that you and the cast have put into the powerful and heart wrenching performance.  Drama is such a powerful medium and it provided us all with a valuable insight into the experience of young people in care”

“ A fascinating and thought provoking event”

“This vivid piece of theatre makes the point with strong conviction that despite the framework, we fail these children again and again, leaving them inarticulate and numbed, reduced to the meaningless mutter of ‘Whatever’ when asked for an opinion”